Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dragon Soup

An old man asks a group of youngsters to sit around the fire so that he can tell them a story.

"The village was gripped in terror. A dragon was loose. A village meeting was called to resolve this problem. First, an wise man stood up and exclaimed 'dragons never attack people in groups...the key is to travel in pairs...or MORE!'"

Now the other villagers were not convinced. Not only was it difficult to abide by these rules, but even if you abide, does the dragon? Who is to say he does not eat you both...and so another elder proclaims...

"Nay, nay...the key is that we must stay in cottages AND reinforce all doors and windows. The greatest concern is that the dragon can get into our homes and eat our families before our eyes. We MUST secure our doors!!!"

Now the other villagers were really not convinced. Not only does this lock the villagers into their homes, but it also means that if the dragon is able to penetrate the defenses, the occupants are doomed to certain destruction...and so a young man with more gumption that brains proclaims...

"Who wants dragon soup!"

Sometimes, a bit of ignorance about the impossibility of the task at hand is just what is needed.

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